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A Bhangra facilitator or teacher is required to stream the content in a hall or classroom. Although no special training is required, we highly recommend that the sessions are facilitated by someone who has been through our Bhangra Activator training course in order to get the maximum value from the sessions.
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Bhangra Blitz is a programme of streamed Bhangra Bhangra Fitness PE sessions designed for Secondary school children, Key Stages 4 and 5 (ages 14-18).

The Annual Programme is a series of 20 Bhangra Fitness PE sessions – each approximately 45 minutes long - designed for use over a whole school year. The videos are divided into 4 series of 5 videos, with each video in a series designed to be incrementally more challenging than the previous one, enabling students to work harder as they progress through each course. But once you enrol on the course the video lessons will be available for you to use as often and in whichever order you prefer during the enrolment period.

This programme is a wonderful way to energise students during PE or as an After School or Holiday Club! All you need is a TV and a good Internet connection – log in, then “Just Press Play” and off 

What's included?

20x 45-minute Bhangra Blitz videos arranged in 4x 5 themed
series; Bhangra Reggae; Sidhu Moose Wala, Diljit Dosanjh and Karan Aujla.
Meet the instructor

Bally Bhogal

Bally Bhogal is co-founder and the principal instructor of BBX Fitness Limited and has been teaching Bhangra Fitness classes in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham for over 6 years. Bally is a fully qualified Dance Fitness instructor and is responsible for the design and development of all the BBX programmes including the ground-breaking Bhangra For Schools (B4S) programmes. Bally is passionate about bringing her lifelong love of Bhangra to as many people as possible and is looking forward to hearing how B4S has helped to improve the health and wellbeing of the children in your educational setting.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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